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The latest happenings.....

2024 so far....

  • New chest press

  • New weighted 10-45kg bars

  • Summer 28 day bootcamp booked in for June

  • Bluebell Wood annual charity event scheduled for May (Date to be confirmed)


Saturday 3rd June 2023 Bluebell Wood Charity Bootcamp!

We have decided to host the BIGGEST EVER bootcamp in aid of Bluebell Wood, This will be on Saturday 3rd June 2023 and we are aiming to get 100 people doing bootcamp at the same time! 


Bluebell Wood Charity day complete! Fabulous success and raised £500!

Thank you to everyone who donated, attended & supported.

Muscle Makers Christmas Party

Sunday 18th December 2022

Large private function room with DJ & dance floor at The Fitzwilliam Arms, 7pm onwards, All members and plus ones welcome.

Muscle Makers Halloween Party

Saturday 29th October 2022

Fancy Dress, Main bar at The Fitzwilliam Arms Hotel, 7pm, All members and plus ones welcome,

Prize for best fancy dress!

Sunday 2nd October 2022

Macmillan Mens charity Bootcamp & Cakes

We decided a great way to raise money for this fabulous charity this year was to put the guys through a Krystina Bootcamp!

All members can come watch and eat cake :)

Cakes start 10am, Bootcamp will start 11am.

19th July 2021

All covid restrictions lifted! So the plastic is down at the front desk and we can get back to been more personalised with you all.

12th April 2021

We are now back open!!!

Classes are back on also.

We have a re-open date!!! 

We are really pleased that the government have given us a date gyms & leisure can resume - 12th April 2021, Its been another long shut down with a few week to go yet but what's done is done, now to look forward to the future & having the doors open again.

So as it stands we can open the gym from Monday the 12th APRIL 2021 & bootcamps can start from MAY 2021 - These will be outside in the courtyard for the rest of the summer/Autumn months. First one will be May 4th 6pm. Keep a look out on all our socials for all the updates.

We will be doing week passes again from opening in April but still not day passes until all restrictions are lifted on June 20th 2021.

See you all soon 

Lockdown Numero 3.....Jan 4th 2021

Here we go again..... BUT so is everyone else so we can't complain.

We are embracing it as yet another chance to paint and do the gym up even more, You know we take upkeep very seriously so there is never too much time on our hands.

We look forward to welcoming you all back soon.

Lockdown Number 2 - November 2020

As with all the country.... this year could be summed up as WT actual F?! lol... 

But we have rode it out and we are still going strong, constantly evolving and improving your gym.

While off in this lockdown we had 2 new machines moved in (ISO row & Belt Squat) along with new benches, some revamped benches & we moved the whole dumbbell rack and power rack.

Hope you all like and see you on Wednesday the 2nd from 8am when we will be back.

Thanks for the constant support as always

Covid - 19 Update!! Lockdown 1 

So after what seemed like forever we were allowed like all leisure facilities to re-open on the 25th JULY!!  Whoop :)

We have adhered to all government guidelines as well as the WHO regulations, We have done several Covid aware courses & have applied all the safety procedures to the gym including sanitising stations, a one way in/out, markings on the floor, screens at the desk, hand wash, sanitiser & a updated sign in system with limited numbers.

These are crazy times for all out there but we are just so happy to be back and welcome all the faces old & new,

See you all soon 

March/April/May/June 2020

As a lot of you are aware the Coronavirus has had a huge impact on everyone so far this year, With government rulings all gyms/leisure facilities nationwide were closed down on a temporary basic from 20th March 2020,

This is for the greater good we understand and we will be back with you in no time!! 

Keep a eye on the national news and our Facebook for regular updates and rest assured we will be back open the second we legally can!!

See you all soon.


So far 2019 has been a fantastic year, the gym is thriving and so many people hitting goals!

Adrian won NABBA 2019 Mr England, Jeffrey competed for the first time ever this year in Over 50s, Also Bob got the competition bug! Rachel has gone back to it also.

The amount of body transformations is amazing too, so much weight lost and body shapes changing, the confidence is soaring and so are we too!!

Here's to the rest of the year!!

November  2018

Andy & Krystina got married...defo #TeamMuscleMakers now ;)


Feb 2018

-Double the gym for the same money!

The new floor is in place, so we now have 2 levels!

Less than a year ago when we opened we had 1200 sq/ft, we now have 2500 sq/ft.

We have new equipment also including a stairmaster, a ISO lat pull down, Laying leg press and a vibration plate.




Jan 2018 

-Card Payments

We now take card payments, all debit/credit cards, both chip and pin or contactless, apple pay too.

- Membership new system

Since we have become busier we have decided a change of members system was needed, so now everyone gets a card with a number on, that will ALWAYS be your number and never change. Weekly every Sunday a list will be put up in the gym and on our social media platforms with what numbers are due for membership renewal the following week as a reminder.



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